We offer everything from basic PR to full service counselling, MIGLIORINI works proactively to reach your target media in Scandinavia. It’s all about tapping into the brand history to find the right stories that will generate awareness and trigger the desire to engage with your product and your brand. PR communication involves a passion for storytelling — we are storytellers using both offline and online media channels to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.




We develop and execute social media strategies consisting of i.e. visual identityto to increase brand visibility. Additionally we offer full social media management and run Instagram and Facebook accounts directly on behalf of brands. We serve as an extended arm for the brands we work with and are constantly in close dialogue with each brand to ensure what’s posted on social media is approved in advance.




We work with influencer marketing specifically for social media and work with both micro and macro influencers to promote your brand. Finding the right profiles i crucial for your brand to succeed with influencer marketing, which is why we work with closely selected influencers matching your specific brand or product. We bring the ideas, develop the concept and execute the collaboration to fit your goals.



In order to develop a strong and appealing brand image, it’s essential to think of your brand as a living organism that’s unique and sensitive. We help you navigate the changes in your market to bring your brand’s stories and DNA to life. We offer an array of brand consulting including brand strategies, brand repositioning, brand building campaigns and external consulting on projects, e.g. new product development, print and digital materials and packaging design/production.


We create high quality and creative content for you to use on your social media platforms. We can also work out your content plan or advise you on how to make it yourself.


We work with VIP and celebrity endorsement choosing the right ambassadors to help your brand get an immediate buzz and awareness. Like influencer marketing the right profiles are closely selected to fit with your brand vision and goals. We manage VIP endorsements through our influential network of local and international celebrities.


From developing the creative concepts and planning to production and execution, we tailor events to your specific needs to create noise and buzz, build brand awareness and drive sales. We do events like store openings, product launches, B2B and B2C, press and influencer events and press trips. Please click here to see more.