LÉ MOSH is a Danish brand that designs hairbands and hair accessories for the cosmopolitan girl and woman. Styles are minimalistic and fit all given occasions. A wide collection with soft & delicate, boho chic, easy cool, elegant classic and modern styles.

LÉ MOSH is a quite new brand founded in 2018 by designer Tina Hofmann. LÉ MOSH is a colorful, imaginative and fashionable universe creating what is trending right now and what designer Tina herself likes. The brand philosophy is to not only design what the current trends dictates, but first and foremost what the heart wants. LÉ MOSH is designing timeless products, which you are able to use again and again.

LÉ MOSH has more than 200 retailers in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

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